Young Goddess Kim - Bathroom Bizarre

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    I take My time applying make up and fixing My hair in the bathroom mirror, whilst sitting comfortably on the object I am using as My chair. I am getting ready to go out shopping and am putting the object to work while I am away, it will be honoured with the task of cleaning the bathroom top to bottom. To make this task wonderfully humiliating, I order it to secure the cleaning brush in its face mask and use its face to scrub the toilet, floors and shower. It really has no brain, I have to slap its pathetic face to hurry it along. I quickly brief the bizarre bathroom object on where and how to clean, starting with the toilet. For fun, I shove its face inside the toilet ****, flushing it over its head for My amusement, sadistically laughing at the piece of dirt. I continue My instructions and commandments which I graciously and sternly bestow upon the domestic slave.