Madam Violet - Foot Sorcery

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    You've heard I use black magic, frightened yet excited you come to me for a love spell. Tired of helping cowardly men to deceive their women I decide to give you what you need, not what you want. I quickly take you down into an easy light trance, in which you are fully aware yet, very suggestible, rooted to the spot, under my thrall. It may be possible to resist hypn0sis, but not black magic. And not me. I force you to kneel and listen. From this moment forward, you are enslaved to my feet. In order to ever get an erection again, you will need to see my feet. In order to ever get the pleasure of release, you will require my feet. It won't be a juicy, plump pussy that gets you hard and horny, but my beautiful feet. My feet will fill your dreams, spilling over into your days. You will ache for my feet. You will throb for my feet. I ensure that you will not remember a thing of what happened today by using my forgetting potion and post hypnotic suggestions. But you will return here every week to worship my feet. Every week, without fail, you will come, kneel, and lovingly tend to my feet. If you're lucky, you will get to release. If you fail to come, well, then you will fail to come. Your d1ck will get progressively harder, more swollen, more achey. But nothing will allow you to cum. It will be impossible to feel that sweet release unless you are here, kneeling at my feet. Let's mark this occasion. Stroke for me. Teach your cock the way it has to be from now until forever. Come for my feet, slave.