Goddess Madam Violet - Money is Power

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    I have a deep drive to gain & consume POWER, you have a deep drive to give your power away. We are a match made in hipn otic heaven slave...sit, listen slide and watch helplessly as I drain you dry. Hip no sis is all about power exchange, although there's no exchange, I simply take. Using clinical inductions & techniques I BIND your MIND, pushing you down and down, draining you of power, one SNAP at a time. Stroke your cock as I continually deepen your surrender to Me, I want you to give it up, all of it and you will, you are. Edging yourself closer to orgasm losing more control and power every second, you couldn't stop Me if you tried. Dick so hard for Me and your mind so soft and pliable your power slowly slipping away, as I take more and MORE. What is power slave? Money is power. Repeating My mantras as you STROKE and learn the truth. Money is power and you WANT to give your power away, to let go and give it up to Me. I want you to cum for Me slave, and you will cum, your body will be TRIGGERED into ORGASM, I prime your brain, imbedding commands - you WILL have an INTENSE instant orgasm when you transfer MORE of your power to Me. $end Me money, hit that button and when you do your body will EXPLODE, teaching you a powerful lesson, conditioning your mind PERFECTLY. Money is power and your power is Mine. Contains: hipn0 sis, imbedded commands, eye closure technique, finger snaps, trigger words, countdown, mantras, cum trigger, financial domination, brainwashing. Binaural tones.

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