Barefoot Nudity - GOLD CHANEL goes naughty!

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    Dear subscribers! Today we are super-happy to announce the debut on BAREFOOT NUDITY of a brand-new dirty-soled beauty.. the gorgeous GOLD CHANEL! Endowed with magnetic blue-green eyes, a voluptuous body with big all-natural tits, a fantastic ass and a pair of superb, hard-soled size 36EU/6US feet, GOLD CHANEL is no shy girl! This is GOLD CHANEL's FIRST EVER EXPLICIT EROTIC VIDEO.. and it is a BAREFOOT NUDITY EXCLUSIVE! GOLD CHANEL is on the balcony of her hotel room in Bologna (Italy), and soon she goes naughty, delivering super-explicit poses! GOLD CHANEL squeezes and shakes her big tits, boldly exposes her super-juicy pussy, spreads it wide, and pries her asshole open for you to see inside! The FILTHY SOLES of her feet are constantly on display, up in the air! GOLD CHANEL, WE LOVE YOU! :-) 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration 5'30''. Posted: 04-25-2016