Barefoot Nudity - GOLD CHANEL: feet and PISS show!

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Cover 2 GOLD CHANEL: feet and PISS show! - SD/WMVCover 3 GOLD CHANEL: feet and PISS show! - SD/WMVCover 4 GOLD CHANEL: feet and PISS show! - SD/WMVScreenlist GOLD CHANEL: feet and PISS show! - SD/WMV
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    Dear subscribers! The success of GOLD CHANEL's encore appearance at BAREFOOT NUDITY was so great, and the requests for more were so many, that today we are glad to release another sensational video encore of her! GOLD CHANEL leaves her car parked inside Serchio River Reserve near Lucca (Italy). You can first enjoy GOLD CHANEL comfortably walking TOPLESS on a terrible gravel path, with her big natural tits bouncing! GOLD CHANEL puts on a scorching hot barefootshow on the gravel, and The Feetosopher's vidcam zooms into her superb size 36EU/6US feet for breathtaking close-ups of her tough dusty soles! After another topless barefoot walk on gravel, GOLD CHANEL stops in the shade and PEES IN VIDEO FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER CAREER as a model, releasing a massive golden stream! She even tells you that "she can do better"! :D A WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE BY BAREFOOT NUDITY! In the final scene, GOLD CHANEL walks away on the gravel path with her fantastic ass exposed! GOLD CHANEL ROCKS! :-) 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration 2'30''. Posted: 10-22-2016