FeetExtreme - Smell or Burn

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    Emily fails to be a submissive, obedient slave, she always complains on the strong stink of Candy whenever she has to smell them. Candy decides to take care of this issue, she ties up Emily with her bare soles exposed, and her face helpless to her sweaty socks. She kicks off her shoes and shoves her stinky socks into Emily's face to make her inhale, but the little bitch just whines all the time. Candy gives her enough time with her feet on her face to change her mind, but Emily refuses to serve her obediently. This yields a punishment for her, hot drops of wax on her helpless soles! Candy shows no mercy, she pours the burning wax all over Emily's bare soles, specially to the most sensitive spots. Emily cries out loudly in pain and begs to stop the punishment. After a while, Candy gives her another chance: she takes off her socks and puts her sweaty naked soles right under Emily's nose and orders her to smell them. It seems she hadn't learned the lesson: Candy needs to remind her with a great dose of burning wax again before she submits her mouth to the sweaty soles and licks Candy's soles clean.

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