FeetExtreme - An Unexpected Job

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    Dorothy spent a whole week with us, so we could shoot a scene each afternoon, when the girls' feet became really sweaty and stinky. This time we spent the whole day in town, walking around, while Dorothy thought her sweaty soles will be licked in the evening. To add some fun to the events, me and Clarissa decided to trick her, making her believe she doesn't have to smell stinky socks that day, but shoot a completely opposite scene at the end! I told Clarissa the day before not to change her socks, to give Dorothy a real challenge! When we got to the studio in the evening and Dorothy learned our plan, she became totally disappointed, she wasn't up to lick the salty sweat of her soles! Finally she agreed the scene, but the desperation in her eyes is clearly visible, when she smelled those stinky socks! She had to inhale Clarissa's worn chucks, her smelly socks and stinky bare soles as well, before removing all the sweat with her tongue and sucking her toes clean!