Philly Foot Worship - Julie Size 8 Reality Foot Worship

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    Ok, before everyone complains about the lack of pictures for this set, let me explain. Every once in a while we go out on the streets of Philadelphia and offer random girls money to worship there feet on the spot. This is real. Nothing is staged. The problem with shooting on the spot, we have to be quick before the cops come or the girl changes her mind. Therefore, I shot some quick shots of the hot Julie size 8. She was sitting on her apartment stoop near South Street in Philly. We waled up to her and offered her money to take off her flip flops and let our foot lover worship her feet right on her front steps. She was nervous and said no several times before she said yes. Once she said yes, our foot lover quickly took off her flip flops and started to lick her feet and suck her toes. See all the foot worship action in the video clip. Posted: 12-23-2013