Philly Foot Worship - Reality Foot Worship(Krissy)

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    Now this is a real life clip. We never met this girl before tonight. She is a hot 21 year old that was hanging out at clubs in Philly with her friend. We stop the group of friends and offer them money if we can worship their feet. The girls laughed until we pulled out the money. Krissy said "Yes". Therefore, we had to move fast before she changed her mind. So we walked a few feet to a park bench. I quickly took off her shoes before she changed her mind. Once I started to lick her feet, she began to laugh saying it tickled. Even though she had been dancing all night, her feet tasted good and felt so soft in my mouth. Krissy continued to laugh and play with her friends while her feet got worshipped. Again, this is a real clip. Nothing is made up. Watch what happens when we pick up real girls on the street and worship their feet. Posted: 08-15-2012