Domina Planet - Eat My Foot Dirt

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    The doorbell rings and Princess Natalie answers the door, wearing just a tiny white bikini that highlights Her perfect body and a pair of slides. She just moved in the day before, and it's the next-door neighbor carrying a bottle of something. He invites himself in, telling:
    "Hey there honey, I'm your next door neighbor! I saw you out there sunbathing and then gardening, so I thought I'd come over to introduce myself and bring a little housewarming present!"
    Princess Natalie accepts the gift and tells him:
    "Ooooh, how sweet! Thank you! Let me just get cleaned up quickly, my feet are filthy! When I come back, I'll bring an opener and a couple of glasses. Go ahead and have a seat, I'll just be a minute."
    She walks out to get everything as he sits down and immediately sees a pair of Her dirty sneakers sitting on the floor. He looks around first, then picks them up and brings them up to his nose. He starts inhaling the scent and gets so turned on by the smell of Her foot sweat and dirt, he immediately starts rubbing his cock through his shorts. But suddenly:
    "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? You're jacking off to My dirty sneakers! What would your wife say about that? I'm gonna walk over and tell Her what a pervert Her husband is!"
    He immediately drops the shoes and starts begging Her:
    "Oh dam, uhhhhhh, I just- I'm sorry, I kinda have a foot thing and me and my wife aren't doing so well. PLEASE DON'T TELL HER, She'll divorce me! I promised Her I would stop. PLEASE, I'll do ANYTHING! I'll mow your lawn all summer, I'll clean your place, whatever You want!"
    "Ok. Wait here"
    She comes back with a bag and takes out a black blindfold. She holds it out to him and he starts to protest but She tells him one more outburst and She's going next-door. She then installs wrist cuffs, a collar and leash, fastening his hands behind him. She gets him on his knees in front of Her while She reclines in a chair holding his leash. Her feet are beautiful, perfectly pedicured with French-tipped toenails-but that makes how dirty they are even more obvious. She puts Her truly filthy, dirt-encrusted feet on his face and starts rubbing them all over his face:
    "Smell them you fucking perv! You love My dirty shoes, so this should be a special treat for you! It's My foot dirt, but right from the source! Do you like the smell? I just put some natural fertilizer in, hehe. Do you like the smell?"
    He retches and tells Her that the smell is disgusting. She reaches out and viciously slaps him across the face, yelling at him:
    "NO, THEY SMELL FUCKING AMAZING, Do you hear ME? Everything that comes from Me is. You will call Me Princess Natalie, from now on. Got that?"
    "Ok Natalie"
    She slaps him across the face "That's PRINCESS NATALIE. And you're MY FUCKING FOOT SLAVE! Now what's My name?
    "Princess Natalie"
    He starts crying at the pain and humiliation but does what She says, taking huge lung filled breathes in and out of Her filthy foot odor. She rubs them all over his face, smearing the dirt onto his face. She pinches his nose with Her grimy toes, making him sniff in between them. Then orders:
    "Stick out your fucking tongue, doormat!"
    He does, letting Her start wiping the crusted dirt from the sole of Her foot onto his tongue, which immediately starts turning brown as he gags and chokes on the taste, but keeps his tongue out in fear of another slap. She makes him lick the bottoms of both feet, then makes him start sucking the dirt from Her dirt-covered. toes. Then She orders him:
    "GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND, You're a doormat and a carpet for ME!'
    She gets off the chair and starts walking on his body, making him grunt and groan from Her full weight. She puts one of Her still visibly filthy feet over his face and nose, making him smell it, then orders him to open his mouth. She puts first two, then three, then four and finally five toes into his mouth while standing on his chest with Her other foot, She pushes into his mouth with Her weight, making it impossible for him to expel the grimy foot.
    His cheeks look about to burst and his face is as red as tomato, being unable to breathe well with 110 pounds on his chest and in his mouth, pushing down his throat.
    "Aww, do you want something to drink to help wash down all that nasty dirt, foot slave?"
    He gratefully accepts, She tells him to open his mouth, then releases a long stream of bubbly spit into his mouth, making him swallow it and thank Her for his drink.
    She then switches feet, wanting to make sure both are deep throated. He gags, bucks and chokes, but to no avail until She sits back down on the chair, taking the weight off his chest and foot out of his throat. But She puts both of Her feet together and says:
    "Open up, foot slave! You're getting a DIRTY FOOT SANDWICH!"
    He has no choice but to open up as She starts cramming both feet into his mouth, stretching it painfully wide. He starts screeching in pain, but She presses on, laughing at his pain. She keeps Her feet as far down as She can get them, with him whimpering, then finally pulls them out and tells him:
    "I'm tired of listening to your fucking whining. There's another use for that face"
    She stans on his chest, turns around and sits down on his face, silencing him and pinning him to the floor.