Hentaied - Summer School

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    Melody Marks is in summer school, and deservedly so, she's not a good girl by any means even though her looks might make someone think so. Her cute schoolgirl outfit and braces would deceive anyone, but not our Mr. Alien and his tentacles.

    While seemingly studying alone in the classroom, Melody got paid a visit by the tentacles. While she wasn't paying attention, they wrapped around her and held her still at the school desk, quickly slithering underneath her skirt and towards Melody's silky white panties.

    They got pulled off and cute Melody got fucked in her tight pussy on the spot by tentacles, ripping pages out of her book as she gripped it while getting jizzed by the alien cocks. Once the tentacles leave, Melody decides that she doesn't have enough.

    She calls out for them to finish what they started, and successfully lures the alien dicks back by stripping herself down and exposing her delicious young body for another fucking session.