PlayObey - Sheer Depth! [4K]

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    Your upturned, helpless face is built right into Queen Kate's work desk and is now being used a gaming chair as she plays all day, grinding, thrusting, riding, and smothering your face under her skin tight white yoga pants! Queen Kate's gym shorts are ultra soft and wrap deep within her powerful Femdom Ass, all the better so she can flex her glutes and pull her face into her Smothering Ass ever deeper!
    Whoiskateh says with smooth excitement for her wonderful day ahead: "Time to play my game and sit on my favorite chair! Look at this! LOOK at THIS!" Once your face is FULLY enveloped in The Deepest Facesitting Possible, Queen Kate goes to reach her high score and finds that your face is EXACTLY what's needed to increase her skill level! "Hahah! Ok I'm doing so good! You're such a good chair for me playing this game right now! YAY! get back in there! She's busy winning this game! Man I'm getting good at this! And you are just My Good Luck Chair!"
    As Whoiskateh wraps her soft feet around the sides of your head, securing her Face Smothering Lock, she keeps on grinding, laughing, flexing, and sending you off into Gaming Chair Heaven!

    To provide you the most value, choice, and complete experience possible, we strive to capture our Elite Facesitting Sessions from multiple angles! Select the views you enjoy most or collect them all!

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