Sara Saint - Ass Cbt (4K)

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    Who gave you permission to stare at my round ass huh? I can tell you're getting aroused. Oh you can't hold yourself back and you want to jerk off to it. Well, maybe I can use this situation to my benefit.

    Your pleasure should always be at my command. So glue your eyes to my lotioned ass and beg me to sit on your face as you twist your balls for me.

    Since you crave my ass so much, I will grant it to you, but! I will tell you how many stroke you can make and with your other hand you will have to slap your balls. Yes, that's correct: You can only masturbate when you bust your balls. You have no option but to comply with these rules without hesitation because your arousal is at an all-time high.

    My luscious booty has depleted your willpower. So follow along with every stroke as I tantalise and torment you. Slap those balls as you drool all the pre-cum on the floor.
    By the end of this clip, I want your balls to be blushing purple. If you do as I say, I will grand you permission to ejaculate from your beta sacs as you sniff my juicy ass.