Domina Elara - Edging While Locked

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    Have you been having naughty thoughts? Naughty thoughts about your Domina? Then you know exactly what I'm going to ask you to do... to get all locked up for me.Watch me as I lock this hard metal chastity cage over your hard cock. So you can be totally and completely helpless to me. I love it when you are all locked up tight like this. This is the treatment you need for all your unclean, perverted little thoughts in your mind…It's perfect your cock… especially as I bend over and have you look at my perfect tight and lucious ass. I think you should edge for me, I'm feeling so generous, you can edge for me.But me being generous has a dangerous price. I have a vibrator with me and I encourage you to use yours too… to edge exactly as how I guide you. With my full breasts all succulent and perfect to worship keeping you just on that edge… and that vibrator rattling your hard metal cage as you leak and throb. Worship my ass as you throb. Worship my body as you devote your locked cock over to me with every hum of that vibrator on your cage.You can't cum… but you are going to be edged again and again and again all in that cage. Desperation never felt so good with your Goddess.