Goddess Zephy - Erotic Cucky Clips (1, 2, 3) Together And Save!!

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Cover 2 Goddess Zephy - Erotic Cucky Clips (1, 2, 3) Together And Save!! - Full HD/MP4Cover 3 Goddess Zephy - Erotic Cucky Clips (1, 2, 3) Together And Save!! - Full HD/MP4Cover 4 Goddess Zephy - Erotic Cucky Clips (1, 2, 3) Together And Save!! - Full HD/MP4Screenlist Goddess Zephy - Erotic Cucky Clips (1, 2, 3) Together And Save!! - Full HD/MP4
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    **sold separately, these would be 31.97!!**Part 1: Who better to prep me for a date with my new boytoy than my dumbass slave!! First, I make him hand over my monthly tribute, then proceed to tell him what a pathetic cucky loser he is with my foot on his face. My hot stud calls my phone, so I flirt with him while my slave licks my feet--seriously, what a fucking loser!! I also make him "prep me for fucking" by licking my pussy and asshole clean! dumbass helps me with my tight black dress and sexy heels, then I make him also pay me AGAIN for the expensive dinner I'm having with my boytoy (I count the money while he kisses my feet). Before I leave for my hot date, I press the bottom of my shoe into my slave's face and tell him that I made a list of house chores to do while I'm out getting fucked and he'd better be naked and kneeling when I finally get back home!!Part 2:Back from my date!! and OMFG it was HOT. I push cucky's face into the floor with my high heel and tell him ALL about it--he has to hear every detail about how my hot date and I fucked in every way possible, then afterwards had a glass of merlot and felt each other up on the couch. He sucked on my tits and I massaged his huge cock--it got me so horny, I fucked him again!! After flaunting my incredible night of sex, I inspect the place to make sure my lil cucky finished his house chores like a good bitch. Looks like he didn't scrub the toilet to my standards (I could still see little specks of dirt and matter). So, I tell him that since he fucked it up, his dumbass is gonna lick it clean!! I stand over him, verbally mocking and belittling as I point out various nasty spots with my shoe, then push his face into the toilet with my foot and flush it. I don't know how someone can take so much humiliation, but I find it hilarious!Part 3:I have set up another date with my hot ass boytoy, so I use my cucky slave as a human chair while I get all dolled up! I flirt a little on the phone while cucky sniffs my stinky nylons. Turns out, my bull has to stay late at work, so we're skipping the matinee (this actually just gives us more time to fuck!). However, the thought of my bull's enormous cock has me extremely horny and I want an orgasm NOW. I make lil dumbass fetch my dildo--I'm gonna make him hold it in his mouth while I fuck his face and think about my bull (moaning out his name several times)!! This immense power has my goddess pussy so wet--the orgasm is incredible! Afterwards, I completely debase my lil cucky--making him suck the dildo clean on his knees, telling him this is my bull's superior dick and maybe I'll make him suck it in person (if he begs me)! Before heading out, I command dumbass to lick the off my boot sole while I go over a list of house chores he has to complete while I'm out getting fucked--the final one will completely humiliate him. I have basically demoted my slave to about the lowest status I can think of--my little loser cuck now has to encourage and support my dates with other men--party and dinning, fucking, hearing all the details while he pays the tab, stays home and does my house chores!! I've turned him into a total, pathetic foot cucky loser!!Get parts 4, 5, and 6 here!!
    CUCKOLD 4 (BEG Me to fuck another guy!)CUCKOLD 5 (seven new cucky rules to obey!!)CUCKOLD 6 (lick Me and My Man's shoes!!)