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    Alba And Pamela, as fat as they know, are the only remaining survivors of a ship wreck somewhere in the western Pacific Ocean. They were strong enough to swim to a small and paradisiacal island, which appeared to be deserted. But, as soon as they start to get their bearings, and make a plan to get the attention of aircraft, a woman appears. She's dressed in a very unremarkable fashion, in a red bikini. Her English, however, is remarkable. She tells them she's the queen of a local tribe, and they simply express their interest. They have no desire to question the words of someone who might be their savior. 
    However, things take a turn rather quickly. First she says she'll round up the inhabitants of the island to welcome the newcomers. Then, after inadvertently offending the women, she offers a gracious apology - a massage from none other than herself. Apparently it's a particular massage, only found in this corner of the world, and the tourists simply couldn't leave without indulging themselves. When she starts to tie their limbs with rope, they naturally fret, but she assures them it's just part of the massage process. It will encourage them to relinquish control of their everyday affairs, promote a sense of weightlessness and allow them to truly enjoy the relaxing effects. "Very well," respond Alba and Pamela, though they don't sound thoroughly convinced. 
    What happens next is shocking. The alleged queen rubs oil on their body, which would be fine on its own, and then tops it off with herbs and spices! What the heck is going on here? She finds unusual words to describe their bodies, particularly their feet. Juicy, tender, sumptuous. She delights in the fact that the guests will find them "just delicious". Then without, further ado, she sticks a piece of fruit in Pamela's mouth! Wide-eyed Pamela, now with a gob full of apple, attempts to protest, but it's all for naught. Meanwhile her friend has been encouraged to lick Pamela's soles and comment on the flavor. The queen would like to know if they need more salt and pepper. Alba is obviously alarmed but plays along for the sake of being amenable, and for her own sanity. Of course she doesn't believe what the lady has told them up until now, but she lies to herself anyway. Maybe this isn't what it appears to be...Surely it couldn't be...Let's just pretend it's all for theater. A local custom, perhaps..a big big misunderstanding...