Pornstarfeet - Toe sucking lesbians - Blushing Bride Beth Bennett Humiliated At The Feet Of Nurse Epiphany Jones On Her Wedding Day

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    It's Beth Bennett's wedding day and she looks dreamy. When she gets a call from the doctor's surgery to come into the practice she's a bit edgy as you might expect.  The doctor's not around though so in steps trainee nurse Epiphany Jones who is only too happy to carry out an examination - she starts by pulling down Beth's dress and groping her massive, bare tits. Next she puts her hands between Beth's legs to take her temperature and to sample that juicy aroma that resides there.
    Beth's high heeled sling backs come off so Epiphany can suck on her white fishnet clad toes - hot, sweaty and super tasty.  This is what nurse Epiphany prescribes for Beth's stress. She removes one of the fishnet stockings and ties Beth's wrists together, then stuffs the other in Beth's mouth to stop her moaning.  Soon though, it's obvious that Piph wants to savour Beth's sweaty bare soles.
    Beth's mouth is un-stuffed so Piph can ram her own black fishnet toes in there. Beth complains but nonetheless she lets her tongue run free all over Piph's soles and in between her pink toes - she is warming to the task - collecting the hottest sweat from in between the crevices.  She slurps and slurps until Epiphany is satisfied.
    Pervy Piph is not finished though - she is a little jealous of Beth on her big day so she spits and drools as much as she can into Beth's shoes before placing them back on her bare feet - something to remember her by.  Piph wants to finish by letting Beth have a final thorough sucking on her own bare feet, super hot and stinky from a day in the office.