MissKsiaBB - Mistress Barbie

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    I came back from the party in high spirits. I want to continue having fun and have fun. I decided to beat off the slave's useless genitals. I started right away with strong kicks in the balls, with my high-heeled shoes. Meanwhile, I was very excited by the fact that the slave was lying in agony with broken eggs from my sexy legs. I take out my magic wand and start playing with myself and at the same time kick him in the balls. Approaching orgasm with the help of a vibrator, I break his penis and balls harder while I'm in ecstasy.The slave tolerates this, hoping that he will at least be able to jerk off, and he can't help but get excited watching me play with myself, even though I break his balls.. If he comes before me, it will be his last orgasm. I'll beat his balls to mush.