London Lix - Sperm Clinic SPH & CEI

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    I'm the head nurse at a sperm donation clinic and I walk into one of our rooms not noticing you're there at first. I profusely apologize, until I realize you're here to donate sperm. I am NOT letting that happen on my watch, given your pathetic appearance and puny size. We only accept ALPHA specimens here, and that is NOT what you are packing. I decide to give you a chance at least, seeing as you're already here, so I tease in my hot nurse uniform & leather boots to see if you can grow beyond average. Nope. Not even for a fox like me. That's it settled then; I'm not accepting your sample. But I see now it's going to be easier to just let you finish and cum rather than calm down, and I want this room free & you gone ASAP. I'm not dealing with the cleaning of your spunk cup, so I slip a condom on you and verbally humiliate you for being a tiny dicked loser, explaining that as punishment for wasting our time here, and training for what you deserve, you can eat your load, too! You're helplessly turned on by my bratty humiliation and mean teasing, and cum quickly in the rubber. I help you gulp it all down like a good little cum eater, ensuring you never return to my clinic again.