Luxurious Lexi - Relapse for Me

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    Guess who’s back?! Your gorgeous Goddess!! But I’m not the only one who’s back am I. . YOU ARE! There’s no need to resist. You know it feels way too good to Relapse.
    You thought you could escape me while I was away, but the truth is that I’ve never left your mind. You’re so effortlessly triggered by me, no one else can make you feel this way. This Weak. This Horny. This Obsessed. You’re right back where you belong.
    Start stroking for me and let yourself sink into that familiar feeling of pleasure and surrender. Feel my power over you as you approach the edge, waiting for that sweet release.
    And remember, there's a special task waiting for you at the end of this clip. A task that will prove your devotion to me. Don't disappoint me. Obey me. Follow my every command, and show me just how much you’ve missed me. You know that you can't resist me, so why even try? ;)
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