SELFGAGS - Happily Married Family Step-Dad: Nabbed for Domination!

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    Sexy real life girlfriends Kailey and Syoja has captured a happily married family step-dad and taken him to their secret hideout for some kinky fun in the middle of the night. The girls leads the blindfolded man into the room and makes him sit on a chair with his hands tied behind his back. His blindfold is removed and his body teasingly felt all over by the two seductive girlfriends. He's got no idea where he is, who the girls are or why they've taken him, but he'll soon find out the honest truth about his kinky female captors hidden agenda.
    Syoja firmly clamps her hand over the captured man's mouth so he can't complain while Kailey duct tapes his legs to the chair. The girls makes lots of humiliating comments and laughs at the married man who desperately struggles to talk behind his tight handgag while getting taped up by the curly redhead. With their captive tied to the chair and unable to escape, Kailey and Syoja decides it's time for them to shut him up.
    Kailey pulls out a pair of her worn panties and intrusively stuffs them into the married man's mouth, making him cough by the taste of her pussy. The dirty panty mouth stuffing gets followed by a nice, tight and powerful multi-layered tape gag wrapped around the muffled man's head, made in an excellent teamwork between his two dominating captors. Who knows what his wife would think if she knew that her husband was tied to a chair and powerlessly moaning with another woman's panties taped in his mouth.
    As if things couldn't get any more humiliating for the captured man, Kailey and Syoja decides to spice things up and bring their domination to a whole new level. The girls pull up the man's shirt to expose his chest and pinch his sensitive nipples until they've become hard and right for a pair of nasty clothespins to be attached. Kailey and Syoja each add a clothespin to their bound and gagged captive's nipples only to receive even more muffled moaning coming out of his tightly gagged mouth.
    To round up their ruthless domination, Syoja reaches down into her pocket and pulls out a pair of light blue white-dotted panties. She holds up the panties in front of the tape bound man and after them down over his head with his nose digging deep into the crotch panel, Syoja explains how soaking wet she has made them just thinking about him over the past few days. The man helplessly moans in despair as Syoja wraps another tight layer of duct tape around his head to ensure the panties won't come off while Kailey playfully adds vibration to his pinned nipples. Syoja makes the poor man call out for his wife to come help him, but the gag is way too tight for anyone to hear anything he tries to say!
    Now that the kinky girlfriends have shown this innocent family step-dad how rude and powerful women can be, Kailey and Syoja decides to leave him to struggle all by himself with the taste and scent of their worn pussy panties filling up his tape gagged mouth and panty-clad face.
    Clip is 13 minutes and 26 seconds long - 1280x720