Ellie Skyes - Uh-oh Your Wife's a Ho

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    DESCRIPTION: My wife is finally ready after spending an hour or so getting dressed and is ready to leave. She points out her new outfit to me. It's definitely cute but, I'm more concerned as where she got the money for that outfit. She seems to not want to tell me how exactly she got it but I know my wife well.. She tells me my own buddy of mine helped her out.. That's odd but I don't question it anymore because we need to leave. However, before we leave- I want to see my wife's body. She slowly takes off her jeans to reveal her sexy ass and now we are both horny. She motions me over and the next thing I know she is sucking my cock. That's when I notice what the shirt is.. Playboy? What a weird thing for my friend to buy my own wife.. How did this relationship between my wife and buddy happen anyways? She admits to me that she accidently sent a dirty picture to him and ever since then they've been talking.. I don't buy that that's the extent of the story though.. She wants me to forgive her but, I'm so angry.. and fucking horny.. I demand to fuck her. She is my wife and I get to fuck her as I please.. That's the only way I will forgive her. However, my wife's story unfolds further.. If I fuck her- there was no way for her to hide that she fucked my friend earlier today and still has his cum oozing out of her pussy. Now I am even more furious and turned on. It's time to bend over my wife and teach this whore a lesson for spreading her legs with my own friend.

    ***All actors and characters depicted are 18+***

    TAGS: Husband x Wife, Cheating, Cheating Wife, Submissive Slut, POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, doggy, Cream pie

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