Bratty Foot Girls - The Bad Genie - VR 4k MP4

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Cover 2 Bratty Foot Girls - The Bad Genie - VR 4k MP4 - 4K Ultra HD/MP4
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    You're so excited as you have stumbled across an ancient looking genie bottle and given it a rub. before you know it a beautiful Genie appears in front of you granting you 3 wishes! You've never had much luck with the ladies so your first wish, you ask for the power to get into any girls panties. The genie crosses her arms and nods and in a flash you are suddenly only an inch tall at the Genies now gigantic feet. She towers over you with a smirk. This wasn't what you thought would happen! She laughs and asks you for your next wish. You tell her you want to be indestructible. She blinks again and then to test it out she hovers her huge sole over your tiny body bringing it down on you hard. It feels like every bone in your body is shattering but true to her word, you do not perish! Your final wish is to be immortal.. She grants it but there's a twist, you will live forever, as her tiny slave! She makes you worship her huge soles and it dawns on you what an HUGE mistake you've made!
    Starring: Sasha Foxxx
    CliP Features: 240 VR, 4K, Foot Domination, Crush, Foot Worship, Genie, Sound FX