LadyFist Clips Store - LF104 - DeFEETed -ft Erin vs Absynthe -MP4

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    - LF104 - DeFEETed - Erin vs Absynthe -- Now in mobile friendly MP4.
    36 Minutes of vicious back and forth action until one loses and faces a foot dominating humiliation.
    Cute petite Absynthe is feeling happy that her fans love her feet so she plays it up to the camera to tease them. But when Erin walks in and start bitching at Absynthe for being such a prissy cunt about it, Absynthe gets pissed and tells Erin off. Unimpressed by Absynthe's boasting, Erin threatens to make Absynthe 'eat her own feet' but Absynthe counters by promising Erin that by the time she's done kicking her ass, she'll make Erin kiss her feet! And the fight is on!
    Erin doesn't waste time and goes for Absynthe's hair as both girls take the fight to the mat, rolling around until someone gets scissored, belly punched and their hair torqued. Absynthe, never known to back down from a fight, even from larger opponents, manages to give Erin as much as she receives. It's possible that Erin underestimated her opponent but she's not going to make that mistake again. But the little Absynthe is resilient and crafty and manages to bounce back from Erin's attacks to make her suffer in return.
    Absynthe manages to turn the tables on Erin and beats her down, taunting her victim that Erin will be kissing her feet before long but Erin, being the tough bitch that she is, won't take that bull for long and turns the tide to bring a nice beat down on her smaller victim with belly punches, breasts mauling and just plain ol' torturous fun. Unfortunately once again, Erin underestimated Absynthe's abilities of survival and is caught off guard with a vicious cheap shot up the goal posts. This takes a lot of energy out of Erin and her will to win now turns into a fight of survival as Absynthe, typically our Jobber Girl du jour, now puts all her efforts into beating down her bigger opponent, and she's being a real bitch about it.
    Poor Erin, not having fully recovered from the cheap shot by Absynthe, is punked out by Absynthe and brutally punished and humiliated by her much smaller opponent. And you know Absynthe, being on the receiving end of such beat downs on numerous occasions, is not going to milk this beat down for all it's worth as she pummels Erin's belly, bends her flexible back and mauls her breasts.
    Erin, now sensing total defeat, is unable to stop Absynthe's onslaught and has no choice but to bow to her opponent's will, no matter how disgusting she might find it. But Absynthe, truly enjoying herself and really being a nasty bitch about it, torments and humiliates Erin by shoving her feet in Erin's face. Utterly defeated, Erin is made to kiss Absynthe's feet and admit Absynthe's feet are beautiful as she reluctantly kisses them.
    LF104 is geared towards the Foot Fetish lovers out there who love a good foot in the face fight. This match will also appeal to the fans who love a great all around fight between two capable fighters applying camel clutches, hair pulls, belly punching, breast mauling, back breakers and scissors.