Young Goddess Kim - Tried & Trampled (4K)

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    Trying out various footwear and trampling carpet slave. Since I am not sure what kinds of shoes My GFs will be wearing tonight, Ill just have to try a few different pairs on the carpet and test its worth. Starting with My running shoes, I find it quite comfortable as I tread its body. No need to get off the carpet to remove My shoes, Ill just kick them off above its head and slap it with My socks. It will worship anything on My divine feet! Lick and suck My dirty socks as I stand on its chest. Next I remove My socks, stuff it in its mouth as I rest My hot, sweaty pantyhose sole on it and put on My spiky ankle boots. It struggles with these, it is so pathetic and annoying as it moans and wriggles beneath Me. Licking My boot soles as I command. Finally, My red stilettos that I allow it to suck and lick before I try them out on its back. Just like a worm beneath Me, beneath My heels and superior soles. It worships and licks the ground I walk on. "Kiss My heels, legs and ass in these glossy tight leggings and thank Me for using you, bitch!" As I whip it with the leash around its neck.
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