Harley Sin - Reluctant Hotwife Cuckolds Husband

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    Your watching a movie late when there's a knock at the door. Its your neighbour, his parents locked him out again. Your wife remembers he mentioned a date and he seems really disappointed he did not get laid. She laughs it off, offers for you to get him a beverage. Upon your return, your wife is explaining to him that even a handjob is a sexual act. She's being more brazen than usual because of the beve. You are getting tired of listening to them talking about this handjob and suggest to your wife she give him one. She thinks your joking at first, brushes it off but you are persistent. She wants to call your bluff, so she agrees. To her surprise, when your young stud neighbour takes his dick out she immediately starts comparing it to yours. Its bigger, thicker and even harder. She notices you touching yourself as she's jerking him.All of a sudden he grabs her and they start kissing. He pulls her legs apart, rubs her pussy. She can't believe you're ok with this, maybe even you wanted this? You want to see another man rub her pussy, put his cock inside her? He grabs her legs and pulls her in, she doesn't want to but he slides his dick into her. You like watching another man balls deep in your wife? You want him to fill her womb with his seed? He cums really hard inside her, and you watch his cum come running out of her.She's exhauster, its 4AM and she needs some zzz's. But you're trying to convince her to fuck him again, and he's right there rubbing her. As you lie beside your wife, he enters her again. You watch as your wife gets pounded and filled for a third creampie tonight (you snuck her away and banged his cum out of her in the bathroom right after).... She's pretty uncomfortable at how much sex she just had...LATER THAT WEEK...You get home from work and your wife is resting on the couch. Your mind is running wild, she looks like she just got fucked. You start taking off your clothes, trying to put your hand between her legs but she wont let you. You finally get her legs apart and can feel his sticky seed between her pussy lips. You get on top of her and slide your cock right inside. She tells you all about how he fucks her every day when you're at work, how she's always full of his semen, how he brings his friends over and they pass her around like a whore. You grab her hair and pull, cuming harder than you ever have in your life.She pulls away from you, she's got a double creampie in her pussy and she's so done with this. Have you had enough of this fantasy of yours? XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, MILF, hotwife, hot wives, cuckolding, cuckold, POV, POV sex, creampie, dirty talk, threesomes, handjob, virtual sex**POV is Husband** **Contains 3 sex scene, 2 with young stud and 1 with husband**