Pink Drip - Sister Lies For Creampies

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    I really hate your girlfriend! I hate her sooo much I create a whole story about her cheating on you just so I get some quality time with my brother again! I tell you she's been cheating, of course she would never do that but I'm the type to totally throw her under the bus to get what I want! What do I want exactly? I want to suck and fuck my Brother's cock! I beg you to be your rebound, you know I have no issue getting you hard! I take you in my mouth and between my tits before showing you my cute lil butt plug as you slide it in (Doggy Style) You flip me over and I tell you to close your eyes, you're still weird about the whole brother-sister thing so you start imagining your now ex Why did you open your eyes?? You catch me, taking a video so I can blackmail you into cumming inside me. Of course your gf didn't cheat! But she might break up with you once she finds out you're a sister-fucker! I promise I won't let that happen if I get the creampie I deserve! Some inner-dialogue throughout the video, POV using fuck machine!TAGS: kink, taboo, brother sister, role-play, blackmail, blackmail fantasy, cheating, bratty, crazy, big boobs, big ass, twerking, dildo sucking, blowjob, dildo fucking, fuck machine, doggy style, missionary, creampie, dirty talking, titty fucking, eye contact