Slaveshow - Ariel is Our Property

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    Ariel has been serving alot of girls here.. but no one scares her as much as Kira does.. as you've seen before Kira is very cruel with Ariel, and today along with Casey, they will continue their torment towards Ariel.. lying on her back with her mouth open for Casey to wipe all the dirt off the bottom of her shoes on her mouth, Ariel is sitting there like a good little bitch as Kira doesn't stop whipping her over and over all over her body, while Ariel screams in pain but Casey tries to keep her mouth shut with her feet, as Kira lifts her legs and spanks her ass hard. Then the girls make her stand and whip her all over her body and then while on her knees while spitting on her and humiliating her as Ariel sits there scared of the sadistic Kirs and takes it all.. the girls then throw a pile of dirt on her face as she tries to clean all over Casey's shoes.. and to end their fun, the cruel girls put her on her stomach as they trample her full weight and even jump on her back as the bitch begs and screams in pain, when they had their fun they make her crawl away as they kick her ass one last time..We are open to your individual orders !write in our loyal fans (kingdom of feet and slaves)! follow us on twitter KingdomSlaves