Cruel Girlfriend - The Cum Shot

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    The girls at gym-class wanna see the cum shot loser - the selfie I'm gonna make you take showing all of us your mouth full of cum. Ew, right? They don't get why a guy would even eat his own cum let alone take a photo to prove he's done it' because eating your own cum is fucking gross, loser. It's so gross and so pathetic. And it's not just eating it that makes you such a fucking loser - it's the way I make you do it too. It's called the loser position for a reason. It's the legs in the air - dick aimed at your face situation that totally reinforces your loser cum-eater status. Like, I was trying to explain to them how you do it and why you do it but they just don't get it - hot popular gym-bunny types like that just don't know rejects like you exist - they're into real men - the type of guys that most definitely don't jizz in their own faces. They ignore wimps like you - but now I've told them about what I make you do - they totally wanna see it!
    Good news for you loser - I guess you have their attention now... kinda. You're earning the attention of the hot girls from my gym class by sliming in your own mouth. I told them how I make you do it - by bullying you and humiliating you all the way through. Making you assume that stupid position and stroking your failure-stick into your own mouth while I call you names and make fun of you... because that's the deal isn't it - I get to be mean to you and you get to cum. You stroke for Princess and I insult you - that's the arrangement we have... except this time I want a little extra - some evidence to show the instagram-girls at the gym that you've actually completed your humiliating assignment. So while you're stroking - just think about them judging you and mocking you and laughing out loud at you for doing this. Think about how they'll 'Ew' at you and wrinkle their pretty noses at the sight of you with your own cum pooled on your tongue - waiting for the command to gulp it down for Princess.
    It's that you actually enjoy all of this that makes us all laugh the most loser. It's that you enjoy being humiliated, you enjoy being bullied by girls and you enjoy eating your own cum that makes you a whole other level of pathetic to us. You do - it's my mean words that make cum - it's being told to stroke faster, to aim it at your mouth - it's having to wait for my permission to cum - isn't it loser. It's my laughter - the giggles that push you over the edge - the threats of punishment and EXTRA humiliation if you miss a drop of cum - you fucking love it loser. And now there's even more humiliation to get you off - the cum shot you're gonna take for the gym bunnies. That's one more spoonful of shame for you to savour, right? The thought of those super-fit gym brats in their tight yoga-pants and work-out tops sneering at the yicky sight of your wide-open mouth filled up with your own cum. I bet you're so ready for your cum-shot command now loser? huh?...