Tigger Rosey - Sperm Donor Pregnancy Cuckolding CEI

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    Location: Canadian / Canada. I was actually ovulating during this video - We play as a married couple, and we're trying to start a family. Sadly my sperm isn't strong enough to get you pregnant. We then decide to go to a clinic and find a sperm donor, but we do want to meet the donor first to get to know him better. So we schedule to meet him at our house. He shows up at our house you discuss with him the reason why we need a donor, that my (your husband) sperm isn't potent enough to get you pregnant. You then tell him that you're currently ovulating and that we can go to the clinic right now if he has the time. The donor then suggest a more natural way of preforming this instead of just all three of us going to the clinic. You're shocked by this but kind of aroused, a little flustered but defiantly into the idea. You turn to me seeing if I'd react to what he'd just said. You point out that my dick is hard, then turning back to the donor and see his dick is out. His dick is much bigger than mine. You then agree since you're turned on by the idea of having unprotected sex with a stranger in front of me. He tells you to strip completely nude for him. You do and you notice I don't seem to mind. Once he begins fucking you you look to me and tell me to stroke my cock while I watch him fuck you. A lot of dirty talk towards me through out while you're having sex with him. During the sex scene you'll have me/instruct me to eat you out. To give you an idea of dirty talk here's examples that I like and you can use them or change up the wording if you like. 'How does it feel watching a stranger fuck your wife in front of you' 'His cum loads are so much more thicker than yours' 'That's how a real man's cum tastes like' 'How's it feel watching a bull impregnate your wife? Does it turn you on?' The last roughy 10 mins of the video will be the cei part. When he finally cums you feel it. It shot deep in you and it was a lot. When he pulls out it's a big load. You notice how much more sticky and thick his cum is than mine. You then thought I'd be hot if I tasted some of his cum. Telling me to lick some off your pussy. Telling me to swallow it, play around with some of it, feeling how thick it is, really taste it. Or telling me to drool it back onto your pussy then eat it back up. You tell me that it's ok because there's more than enough of his cum that went past your cervix. After you tell me to cum on your pussy and eat that off you as well. Telling me to compare the tastes. My loads aren't as big or as thick as his. You then tell me to mix some of his cum with mine then swallowing it. Comparing the tastes/texture. There is nipple play in the video, like for example telling me to play with my nipples as the bull gropes my wife's (you) breasts in front of me. For the humiliation side of things, the only name calling you give me is 'cuck' and/or 'cuckold'. There will be no homo eortic remarks or acts in this video besides cei. Overall for the humiliation aspect you can push it as far as you like.