Shannonheels - Melicious Militant CEI

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    Warning! Aggressive Dominating Demeaning Video. Not for the faint hearted but for those who love to see a woman fucking swear and shout at them. Come here boy. The sergeant said I could do whatever I want with you. You get whatever punishment I decide. You start off on the floor, looking up at my red hunters, before I pick you up by your scruff and make your stand before me. Good boy. I call you a fucking cunt, because thats what you are. You are mine and I am going to be fucking with you however I see fit. First, take your trousers off. Strip completely naked. Hmmm... not bad, nothing to brag about either. Get yourself hard. I want to see what it's like when you wank, and I want you to look at me while you do it. Don't you dare fucking cum though, or there will be serious consequences. I like to tease you, I show you my arse all covered in shiny leggings, and I know you want to fuck me. You get turned on by my red latex gloves, and my tits bursting out of my jacket. You wanna see them? I love how turned on you get, pathetic really. Now, when you cum, you're going to lick it all up. Thats right, I want your cum dribbling down your gob. Oh, you don't want to? tough. This is your fucking punishment. It could be a lot worse you know, so fucking do as I say.
    Featuring: Femdom | Cum Eating Instructions | Goddess Worship | Mind Fuck | Female Domination | JOI | Humiliation | Mental Domination | Spit Fetish | Tit Worship | Jerk Off Instructions | Ass Worship | Latex | Boot Fetish | Domination | Blackmail-Fantasy | Rubber Fetish | Brat Girls | Verbal Humiliation | CEI | Boot Domination