Naughty Porn Dream - Liza Lust Full Scene #3

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    Location: American. If you follow this page, it's no secret that Liza Lust is BY FAR my favorite model of all time. We have incredible chemistry together and that's why I made sure I filmed 3 full scenes with her (the other 2 full scenes are available on this page). Liza has the most perfect little petite body and it's on full display in this video. I love how Liza holds her legs up while I fuck her - it's my favorite position of all time - and as usually, Liza moans and screams in delight about how good my cock feels sliding in and out of her pussy. What I also love about this video is there that is a really good amount of POV content - and the POV views of me fucking her are simply incredible!What I love about this scene is that there is a good amount of POV action, and based on the messages I get from people, the POV stuff is what people like the most.