Naughty Porn Dream - Liza Lust Full Scene #1

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    Location: American. Liza Lust is our most popular model of all time - and it’s easy to see why. This petite all-natural redhead is a total stunner and she loves fucking in front of the camera. Shooting this scene felt like I was a fucking a brand new girlfriend and I love how much Liza gets into it, as she moans and screams in pleasure throughout. This scene is probably the best fuck of my life. Liza's pussy just felt so amazing and I loved fucking her tight little ass from behind in 3 different positions: doggystyle outside on a hotel balcony, bent over a desk, and bent over a chair. The POV of her tiny little ass as I'm pounding her from behind is amazing! Liza retired from the porn biz a few weeks after shooting this video - but don’t worry - because I shot 2 more full scenes with her and that will be released soon!