MistressKarina - Heel To Ass (CUSTOM)

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    CUSTOM CLIP NO NAMES USED. Please wear a black dress and high heels. You enter the room and a slave, naked and wearing a face mask is waiting for you. You sit down on a chair and sensually cross your legs and order him to crawl over to you and order him to lick and suck your heels, and gag him with the toe as well. Maybe you can also tease him by allowing him to lick your legs and thighs. After about five minutes of this, order him to turn around and bend over.You menacingly place your heels close to his asshole and tell your slave that this experience will be the closest thing he will ever get to sex. Then please stick the heels inside his asshole. You can choose to lube the heel, put a condom over it or stick it in dry. Please ram the heel in as deep as you can get it, like you're pumping a gas pedal or something and tell him to squeal like a pig as you're fucking his ass. Maybe you can push him down to the ground and make him hump the floor as you pitilessly heel fuck his ass. It is up to you if you wish to allow the slave to ejaculate or not.