Pedisole Junction - Kendra Kay

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    Kendra Kay was first posted on 11/20/2020 I first spotted this head turning model standing outside the Casino as if she was sporting around and seemed to be talking to a lot of different men in the parking lot midday Saturday at the casino. This stunning blonde seemed very popular with her flip flops on wearing shorts with a big smile and charismatic way about her. Upon approaching her she mentioned that she was waiting for a ride from her boyfriend. I handed her my card and told her if she ever wanted to foot model I would love to host her. 3 weeks went by before I herd anything. One thing led to another and hence the clip starts off with Kendra taking off her shoes where we see her in her black socks. From there out model removes the socks and we see her pink painted toes and sexy nice legs and feet. See Kendra scrunch spread and wiggle her toes. Kendra Kay is age 30 standing 5 foot 6 tall with a size 9 shoe. Gentleman really seem to find this is one sexy chick. I have to admit she really seems to possess something special. Running time 8:28