Princess Ivory - Boyfriend Turned Good Boy

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    *custom request no name* I'm your boyfriend, and I've known for some time that you're a Dominatrix; who is skilled in hypnodomination. However, you have kept your business life separate from our relationship-wishing to keep it "Normal". One night, before a date, I start asking questions about your job. I ask how do you hypnodominate your customers, or slaves. You state in a very clinical way .that it is easy to dominate a man; most men really want to submit to a woman's control-they just need an excuse. All that is needed is a little seduction; using your beauty, sensual voice, femininity, and deepening his weakness for you. They just naturally begin their satiny slick slide into Mesmerize, and their ultimate submission. All that is required after that is to begin conditioning, and reinforcing their weakness. As you continue speaking, you begin to notice that his eyes are locked onto yours, and that he has a huge lump in his pants. You realize that finally, now is the chance to take control of your boyfriend. With this, your voice, and mannerisms now become more sensual, and seductive. You continue weakening his mind, and have him begin to touch himself; then have him masturbate to you. You condition him to obey, and to crave being dominated by you. You instill the need for him to continually masturbate to your beauty when he either dreams, or day-dreams about you. You hypnotically compel him to repeatedly spill his seed for you; forming worship pools on the floor. Use the phrase "Good Boy" frequently.