Luna Sapphire - Sorceress Sapphire Foot Spell

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    For quite some time, you’ve been tormented under the spells of several **** foot goddesses. Try as you might, you simply cannot resist their charms. Your days are spent lusting after one pair of pretty bare feet after another. They mercilessly exploit your weakness and drain you on every possible level… emotionally... sexually... spiritually… financially... So now you’ve come to My candle-lit chamber begging for help. I am Sorceress Sapphire - one of the most powerful witches in the world. You know I practice black magic, yet here you are, desperate to reclaim your manhood. Fueled by dark spirits, My magic is far superior to that of any feeble foot goddess. However, to reverse their enchantments you must follow My instructions perfectly. Let My velvety voice guide you as you confront the objects of your desire – FEET. Focus on My perfectly pedicured feet Stare at my My buttery soft soles and dainty little toes while I chant incantations. For My spell to be binding, you must perform one final act of passion. This ritual requires an ingredient that only you can give – your seed. Stroke to your Sorceress. Keep your eyes fixated on My naked feet. Feel yourself becoming more and more aroused as My soothing tone sends shivers down your spine. As I begin counting down from ten, your body will start to tremble. Upon reaching one, I will snap My fingers and only then may you release your semen upon My beautiful bare soles. Once the ritual is complete, the feet of others will no longer control you… but you will be helpless to the soles of Sorceress Sapphire.

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