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    Alex and I have recently become step-sisters since our Step-parents married each other. It honestly couldn’t have gone any better because it brought us together!!! We are both HOT AF and just super mean, so of course we hit it off right away. Since going to the same school, it has really brought us closer together. I just love how competitive we are with each other when it comes to bullying simps! (We also try to ONE UP each other at the expense of the most pathetic losers! LOL) Alex and I are catching up with the latest gossip when she informs me of this pathetic lezbo girl who is OBSESSED with her!
    Excited to hear about a new potential play thing, I tell Alex to text her and to come over to have a '3-some' with us! If this lezbo is really that pathetic she will come over right away'. (AS IF we would EVER touch something so disgusting!) Sure enough she SHOWED UP!!!! She LITERALLY came dressed in some ugly lingerie and apparently was too embarrassed to fully show her face, TYPICAL LOSER!
    Alex and I took turns fucking with her, pretending to be flirtatious and then HUMILIATING her in the most CRUEL ways! Laughing in her face about how we are literally going to treat her terribly. We let this ugly slut know how worthless she is, slapping her SUPER HARD in the face and treating her like the ugly trash that she is!! We even made her CRY!!!!! LOL Despite how cruel we treated her, she didn't want to leave'. Who can blame her, it's a privilege to be around the HOT popular step-sisters!