Stella Sol - Seduced By Feet

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    If you're really into feet worship this will be one of your favorite clips to masturbate to. It's sensual, yet dirty. I am speaking directly to you, subby. You will know it when it hits you too. My Goddess legs and feet shine with oil and My sultry voice seduces you right into your happiest state of sub space. Looking up at Me while I talk down to you is a foot fetishist's dream cum true. I allow you 14 while minutes of true bliss with so much POV and permission to get off under My command and soles. I am proud of the control I have over men all over the world with just My feet and you know it's true. You will feel so helplessly aroused for My sexy soles too. Luckily for you this clip and My feet exist so that you have found yet another way to release and worship Me. Enjoy, My pets. ;)
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