Nika Venom - My New Pet

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    I went over to my best friend's house to pick something up, but this is not what I expected to see. My ex-boyfriend inside a cage? I always knew you were submissive, but I never thought you would go this far. Giving up everything to live in a cage as someone's literal slave. What a fucking loser. My life has been perfect since I dumped your dumbass; I have a new rich boyfriend, I'm living my best life while YOU live in a **** cage and lick shoes clean. I know you're still obsessed with me, but I want to put it to the test to measure just how obsessed you really are. I tease you with my body and shoes through the cage. I let you out and order you to the floor, I strut around commanding you to follow me and kiss and lick my shoes.
    You know, I could use a slave for my big new house, lol. I'm going to have a talk with my friend and see if I borrow you for a while. I'm pretty sure she won't mind, and maybe this could even be a more permanent arrangement she could easily find another slave to replace you. You'll live in my house and serve as a slave to me and my new man.
    You know you can't say no to me. I am going to own you.
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