HFGMultimedia - Party Vore Nightmare

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    Location: ManyVids. Layla Moore, Reenaye Starr, and Ivy are having a party at Ivy's house. The girls have a fun night of pedicures, face masks, movies, and snacks planned! Ivy suggests starting out with pedicures and offers to do Layla's feet first. She notices how delicious Layla's feet smell and can't help but taste them. They taste SO good! Ivy is overcome by her lust for human flesh and loses control of herself! She begins swallowing Layla down whole and alive! Layla tries to fight back, but it's no use. Reenaye looks on totally horrified! She tried to stop Ivy, but can't. Ivy devours all of Layla. Reenaye and Ivy sit on the bed as Ivy rubs her swollen belly and belches. Human flesh always makes Ivy so gassy! Ivy insists that she and Reenaye continue on with the party as planned. Ivy insists on doing Reenaye's toes for her, promising not to eat her. Ivy insists she is full and couldn't possibly eat her. And then, Ivy begins smelling Reenaye's plump little feet and is suddenly overcome with that intense desire for more human flesh! She can't control herself! So long Reenaye....

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