Jack_and_Jill - Maya Squirts Everywhere

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    Location: ManyVids. We have always wanted to work with Maya and decided to reach out to her She then confessed she had been watching us for a while and was so excited to work with us as well. Chemistry was so on point with this show, Maya's sexual energy and connection was amazing and Jack and I both felt instantly comfortable with her. Public show includes discussion on our favorite music and concerts, pussy bush styles, lots of spankings and discussion on our sexual turn-on's. Jack collars Maya and Jill before the show and Jill and Maya tease Jack's cock. Private show starts with POV oral on Jack. (2 camera angles). Then g/g pussy licking and fingering (3 camera angles). Jack fucks Maya in missionary and pile driver and makes her squirt everywhere (2 camera angles). Then Jill and Maya suck Jack's balls, before Jill gets on-top and rides Jack. Maya helps put Jack's dick inside Jill and licks Jill's nipples while Jill rides Jack and squirts. Jack then fucks Maya in standing (2 camera angles). Maya then rides Jack facing away and toward the camera (2 camera angles), making her squirt even more. Jack fucks her more in side-saddle and in missionary and Maya continues to squirt. Maya said she has never squirted so much her in life! Maya dirty talks to Jack and Jack gives Jill and Maya a double facial. Jack then takes our photo with cum all over our faces!

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