Princess Miki - Your Tinder Date Has Plans (TOPLESS)

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    By Princess Miki Aoki
    A girl as cute as Me right-swiping you? No way' but it happened.
    We went on a picnic and I quite honestly had a lovely time with you. I thought you were kind, funny, witty' everything I'd look for in a potential boyfriend.
    However, I have to check one more thing: your dick size.
    I tell you that I'll take My dress off once you remove your own clothing. You do, likely thinking that miraculously, this absolutely-out-of-your-league type of girl would want to have sex with you on the first date.
    But this girl something crazier planned. I'm hoping that what you're packing is disappointing' because I've been going Beta Fishing.
    I admit that I'm a size queen, but I'm equally turned on by being a ruthless little cuckoldress; that's why I need a bull AND a cuck. Besides, I like you and your company, but I wouldn't be able to stand fucking you.
    I want a perfect, submissive cuckold boyfriend. I permit you to stroke before I remove My dress, as I tell you what you must say in order to see My unclothed body.
    You, in a horny, stupefied daze, can't shake off My demands. You're incredibly turned on by the plans I outline'
    Soon, the idea of being My little cuckold boyfriend and full time slave doesn't seem so bad. I might even let you cum to it.


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