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    For every guy that goes weak at the knees over the sight of me in heels, there are just as many who are enraptured by the sight of me in trainers.
    Which is just as well, as I have SO many pairs! I haven't bought my own trainers in years - my sneaker bitches send them to me.
    This is the latest pair - sent for my birthday - and I do love old skool Vans. They are so comfy and look great with everything!
    However, as it's been such a hot summer, and I've been wearing them without socks, it is highly likely that they are going to stink to high heaven by the end of the summer!
    Which is just what you're banking on, isn't it? You would love the opportunity to inhale my sweaty sneaker scent, fresh from the source!
    Well, once I have completely stunk these out, I'm going to sell them to you - for twice what they're worth, plus more - so I can buy a new pair!
    You will be able to breathe in my fine foot fragrance any time you wish, admire those ground in toe prints inside, and just generally do whatever it is you shoe perverts do with smelly sneakers!
    So make me an offer - what are these worth to you?!
    Show me how badly you want these to be yours by using one of these markup codes at checkout:
    Good slaves will use MTNGOODBOY
    True devotees will use MTNRUIN

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