Ariel Anderssen - Silk Scarf Tie & Tease

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    Location: British / UK. What are you doing in my wardrobe again? Messing around with my satin lingerie are you? What a pervert! Dressed in my ankle-length silk dressing gown and blue satin lingerie underneath, I'm in no mood to put up with this nonsense any more! If you're aroused by my satin clothing, perhaps you need a little exposure therapy? How would it be if I used my luxurious silk scarves to tie you up before lecturing you about respecting me and my clothes more in future?I slowly restrain you with multiple silk scarves, until you're immobilised. You probably fantasise about licking the silk fabric, don't you? Well, how about a nice tight knotted cleave gag made out of a silk scarf too? And I KNOW you fantasise about having your cock stroked by a satin gloved hand. I have some satin gloves right here; let me pull them on and play with your cock right now - that feels good, doesn't it? I bet you want to cum all over my satin gloves, don't you? Ha, tough luck. I'm going to tie one more silk scarf tightly around your cock and balls, so that you can't lose that erection. And I'm going to leave you here in my wardrobe, surrounded by my satin clothing, to be frustrated and humiliated by your hopeless arousal. And who knows, I might bring another girl back to see you like this!

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