Tsarina Baltic - Stay Blue

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    The sweetest kind of pain is the one that makes Tsarina happy. I know how easily you can get hard. A glance at something shapely.. merely an idea of it, and you stiff up, like a desperate little thing that you are. How annoying. I know exactly how to deal with this little problem - how about you just stay hard and blue balled forever? How about you keep that terrible strain swelling in your pants and focus on that sweet sweet pain? It'll be perfect for a greedy slut like yourself. Always busy with those hands of yours. Well now it's time to put it to the test: how long can you last? How much will it hurt? How happy will you make Tsarina with your pain? We all know how desperate you are to make your Goddess happy... How about we make it hurt all the more .. by including that wallet of yours.. That's right, every time you get close to wanting to relieve the pain you'll make it hurt more - by tipping me whilst staring at my huge tits... stuck in an endless loop of blue suffering. Yes, that sounds perfect for a little bitch like you.

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