Licking Girls Feet - VALERIA and SARAH - We'll show you all the delights of slavery - FULL.

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Cover 2 Licking Girls Feet - VALERIA and SARAH - We'll show you all the delights of slavery - FULL. - Full HD/MP4Cover 3 Licking Girls Feet - VALERIA and SARAH - We'll show you all the delights of slavery - FULL. - Full HD/MP4Cover 4 Licking Girls Feet - VALERIA and SARAH - We'll show you all the delights of slavery - FULL. - Full HD/MP4Screenlist Licking Girls Feet - VALERIA and SARAH - We'll show you all the delights of slavery - FULL. - Full HD/MP4
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    Two strict and arrogant Mistresses Valeria and Sarah call a pitiful bitch to their very dusty and dirty feet and put her before a choice either she'll immediately clean their nasty feet with her tongue or be severely punished. This pathetic bitch is a new slave girl and today they decided to protest her to the maximum! That is to say - look at what she is capable of! Her name is nelly, but they usually call her - a fat whore, loser, bitch, scum and etc.. Their feet are very dirty, with sticky hair, but for a fat whore nelly this isn't a problem at all. She polishes the girls' feet with her tongue and all the slag, dirt and hair from their soles are on her tongue. Looks disgusting .. take a look and see for yourself! For them, it is the greatest pleasure to see fear and submission in the insignificant eyes of an obedient slave girl. Valeria and Sarah are very tough with nelly and constantly spit at her without even aiming. Their spit gets on her face, eyes, hair, on the floor! nelly licks girls' saliva and wool from their feet off the floor. Valeria and Sarah are very beautiful and desirable girls, and against their background, nelly looks like a pathetic, spit-on creature that is worthy only to crawl at their dirty feet and lick their saliva from the floor. But on the other hand, the girls liked her zeal and desire to please them, so the humiliation for nelly is just beginning! Valeria and Sarah always take care of their things .. even ugly ones like this whore. nelly is very hungry and they wouldn't know what the whores eat .. These are chewed gum, bananas with the peel and of course .. pet food! why not? After all, she isn't a person, but don't understand who! The girls even took care and brought her a bowl of pet. The kindness of these beautiful Mistresses knows no bounds .. At first they decided to check the depth of nelly's throat .. because she is a whore and should be able to suck well! Valeria dumped a wet comp for pets all over her face and into a bowl .. mmm .. yummy! This is what she should like! The girls brought her dry pet food which she will eat too! Well, what kind Mistresses .. Honestly - no! Valeria and Sarah are very tough towards nelly, they spit at her all the time and laugh at her humiliation. In the end, all the slut's food and water ended up on the floor. The girls decided to go for a walk, leave the humiliated and spat on slave girl nelly on the floor, ordering her to eat every last crumb and clean the apartment. Of course they will be back soon and check everything! Slave girl nelly knows her place and faithfully kneels by the door and waits for her Mistresses while they walk to their heart's content. Of course, she finished all the food that she was well-fed, because she knows that she won't get anything more and carefully cleaned the apartment as she was ordered. When Valeria and Sarah returned from their walk, nelly rushed to kiss their dusty shoes in greeting. But nelly won't get any respect from them for her work and the girls walked right into the apartment in dusty shoes. Of course, the girls' shoes need to be thoroughly washed, guess what? That's right - the tongue of a whore! Licking and swallowing the dust from the soles of Valeria and Sarah, nelly realizes that her humiliation isn't over yet. She gets a lot of spits on her face .. Valeria leaves a dirty mark from her shoes on nelly's cheek .. she's never been so humiliated before. The slave girl, licking the shoes of Sarah and Valeria, accidentally put her elbow on the sofa and immediately received another portion of humiliation. She had never been insulted so much before .. she had to lick their saliva from the floor lying at the girls' feet. And by the way, it was very hot outside today, and of course Valeria and Sarah's socks were sweating. What are dirty, fat whores with sweaty socks doing? You know the answer .. nelly loudly sniffed the girls' sweaty socks and even started coughing until they gagged her with the same sweaty socks! lol! The slave girl looked very shabby and pathetic, but the main thing is that her Mistresses were satisfied. In the end, Valeria and Sarah decided to keep this whore for themselves. nelly winced when she heard this, but she has no choice! It was a tough day for nelly .. but it can't be helped when you're a fat and stupid slave girl. She understands that there is still a lot of "interesting" things ahead for her.

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