Coed Feet Clips - PJ's Karate Feet Stomp

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Cover 2 Coed Feet Clips - PJ's Karate Feet Stomp - LQ/WMVScreenlist Coed Feet Clips - PJ's Karate Feet Stomp - LQ/WMV
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    You are teasing PJ about how she looks in her karate outfit and tell her you could block any of her kicks. Just like that she knocks you down with a swift kick to the head. As you lay dazed, she gets above you and starts smashing her sweaty feet in your face. She had been working out all morning, and they smell. She jams each foot hard, and makes you sniff from her heels to her toes, and in between toes. She knows you secretly like it and continues. You ask to get up but now she wants you to lick them clean. You start again from her heels, to her stinky arches, all the way up until you lick in between her toes. Only then does she let you up. Shot in POV/Giantess view.

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