YourLIttleAngel - Roommate Fucks My Back Pain Away

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    Location: American / Texas. I call you (my roommate) in to help me turn my mattress around. You notice that I'm having a lot of trouble with my back pain and offer to give me a massage. I'm incredibly grateful for the offer and agree! First, you ask me where the majority of my pain is. You realize I might need to take off my sports bra in order to really get to it. I take it off quickly since I'm desperately in need of your strong hands on me. I start moaning from how good it feels as you rub my back harder. You ask if anywhere else hurts, and I jokingly ask if this could be a full body massage. As you massage more and more, I ask if you would mind massaging my upper thighs, too. You graciously move your hands lower and begin to massage my thighs. I tell you the pain is a little higher up, and you tell me my shorts are in the way. I begin taking off my shorts and my panties. You try to stop me and tell me I could leave the panties on if I'd like, but I'm way too horny now for any more foreplay. I coyly ask if you mind, and of course you say no, not at all. You start massaging my butt before teasing my wet clit with your fingers. I start grinding my hips into your hand. Finally, you finger fuck me until I cum hard. Now it's your turn I move to the edge of the bed as you take your clothes off. You fuck me with my leg against your chest, but you want me to cum once more before you do, so you pull out and finger me hard and fast until I cum again. When you put your hard cock back in me, I ask where you want to cum. You say you've always wanted to cum all over my tits. Once your close, you pull out and shoot your huge load all over my chest. We're definitely doing this again sometime

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