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    I was thinking a ten minute clip and backstory wise you would be my girlfriends Step-Mother. It turns out my girlfriend was just using me to get into college and now doesn't care about me. I cut ties with my family because they didn't like my girlfriend and so I have nowhere to go. Your daughter begged you to look after me. You refused at first until she told you something interesting. She told you I'm afraid of girls socks. So now I'm basically your chaste little sock bitch who you use and abuse. Clip would take place awhile after this
    Clip would be about you humiliating me for my fear. Maybe start with shoes on and remove them showing your socks, you make me rub, kiss, sniff, lick, suck on your socks, smother me with your socked feet, use your socked toes to tickle my chin while I'm serving you and taunt me. Call me a sock puppet, maybe you have had me feminized and tease me about that too asking if I like the sissy outfits you put me in. Talk to me in **** talk acting like you feel bad for me (You don't) saying things like sockie wockies. Use your socked toes to tease my chaste dick and balls. Maybe near the end of the video you tell me your daughters coming home for spring break with her new girlfriend as she was so disgusted with me she started dating women. You tell me I won't be seeing her and I start to complain, you think my complaining is funny and put socks on your hands and mock me with them like their sock puppets. When I get angry though you get mad and punish me. You've been saving your sock sweat from the gym and you put it in a boot and make me drink from it and when I refuse you Coerce my mouth open and make me drink it then gag me with a sock. It would end with your daughter arriving soon and you having locked me in a closet full of your socks and shoes and you bringing me dinner a dirty sock. You say if I'm well behaved you'll ask her if she can leave me a dirty sock though you never plan on asking her. You close the door, lock it, and say something like be good my little sock sissy.
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